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All Forms of Concrete Repairs

Technical Contracting Solutions P/L has extensive experience in concrete repairs both during construction and post construction. Most of the repairs we carry out encompass construction joint repairs, so include maintaining load transfer between the adjoining concrete slabs, maintaining a watertight finish.

Technical Contracting Solutions P/L only uses the best quality pre-packaged repair mortars from Sika Australia, Parchem Construction Chemicals and BASF Construction Chemicals who are leading suppliers of repair materials.

Technical Contraction Solutions P/L use their own demolition and preparation equipment including:

- Petrol concrete road saws
- Electric 3 phase concrete saw
- Petrol and electric hand saws
- Core drilling equipment
- Shot blaster
- 800mm planetary grinder
- Range of small grinders all with dust extraction
- All forms of demolition hammers
- Grit blasting equipment from light to heavy duty

Technical Contracting Solutions P/L can carry out all forms of repair, replacement or removal of concrete in a pool structure.

Repairs and Replacement of Waterstops

Another area of experience for Technical Contracting Solutions P/L is the repair of incorrectly installed or leaking rearguard and centrebulb waterstops both during construction and post construction.

The waterstops that are installed during construction are the best way to prevent leaking of a pool that has construction joints in the pool structure . Correct installation during construction is critical and if they fail under a water test, large scale repairs may be required as can be seen in the photos.

When the pools are older and the waterstops have been damaged and have failed, a system of installing a hypalon bandage above the waterstop can be used so that the integrity of the structure to hold water does not solely rely on the sealant in the joint. Technical Contracting Solutions P/L has installed Hypalon bandage over waterstops in the past and projects have remained watertight over several years.

The first two photo’s show the repairs to centrebulb waterstops in the walls of a new pool and the third photo shows a repair to a rearguard waterstop in the same pool. Once repaired all of these repairs stood up to the watertest over 7 days.

Replacing Concrete and Placing New Concrete

One of Technical Contracting Solutions P/L specialties is the replacement of existing concrete then the installation of new concrete.

We have a large range of cutting and demolition equipment and where specialist equipment is required we have close relationship with a sub contract concrete cutter who has helped out in the past.

To remove concrete we cut through the concrete, install lifting lugs then remove by forklift or crane and place in waste bins or trucks for removal from site. This system saves the dust control requirements and ongoing noise when using concrete breakers.

We also have sediment control systems in place for the control of the waste water from saw cutting which is placed in bags for delivery to the waste disposal site.

Technical Contracting Solutions P/L can also decommission pools that are no longer financially viable to continue to use.

We can cut the pool walls down, install drainage then install compacted fill and finish in turf, paving or concrete depending on clients requirements.

Coating of Pools

Technical Contracting Solutions P/L has extensive experience in the coating of commercial swimming pools using both chlorinated rubber based coatings and epoxy coatings. We specialize in the full removal of the existing coatings then the application of new coatings but will also overcoat existing coatings when required.

Technical Contracting Solutions P/L can also incorporate sign writing or logo’s/emblems into the new coating. We have had stencils made up for some of the school pools so that we could apply the school emblem to the base of the pool. The school maintenance staff have used these stencils elsewhere around the school grounds then we have reused them when re coating the pools again.

All of the coating contracts we have completed have included for the re sealing of the expansion/construction  joints in the pools and across the pool concourse. This is also something we specialize in doing. We use high quality silicone based, chemical resistant sealants that are now available in white and blue to match in with the colour of the coatings.

Technical Contracting Solutions P/L
coating experience also includes for the application of slip resistant coatings to the swimming pool concourse decks , tops of the pool walls and starter blocks.
For the removal of existing coatings we use:







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